Pet-grooming professional classroom

This professional classroom is equipped with  Constant Temperature Heating Animal Bathtubs, Cantilever-Holder-Mounted Pet Grooming Hair Dryers, Pet Grooming Tables, Complete Sets of Pet Grooming Tool, etc.

寵物美容專業教室   寵物美容專業教室   寵物美容專業教室




Animal-Care Professional Classroom

There are special equipment items such as Canine CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) Training Manikins, Canine and Feline Anatomical Model, Animal Physiological Monitor, Multifunctional Otoscope, Veterinary Biochemistry Analyzer, Veterinary Hematology Analyzer, Micro-Infusion Pump, Magnetostrictive Scaler and Polisher for tooth surfaces, Electronic Animal Scale with wireless data transmission, Veterinary Treatment Table, Veterinary Surgical Sink, Biological slides for teaching, etc.

動物照護專業教室 動物照護專業教室

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